About 86 years ago the Garrett Volunteer Fire Department was first organized. Some of the first founding fathers of this organization were: William A . Merrill, Charles D. Fritz, D.H. Nedrow, D.E. Miller, L. C. Bittner, Wilson Walters, E.F. Snyder and George Carter.

As any organization with a long history there have been lulls and high moments within the fire company. One of these lulls took place during the 1939 Depression. Following the Depression, a reorganization took place within the fire company.

In March 1941 this reorganization consisted of the fire company becoming incorporated and a president, a first vice president, a second vice president, a treasurer, a recording secretary, a financial secretary, and a board of five directors or trustees were elected.

The founding officers were: C. W. Fritz, president; Calvin Boden, first vice president; McKinley Lenhart, second vice president; Lester Stevanus, recording secretary; E. F. Snyder, treasurer; and Louis Fifick, financial secretary.

The fire company secured its first truck in 1945. In the early years of the fire company, a permanent refreshment and amusement stand as well as a firemen's building was erected at the approximate cost of $29,000. The hall has a large assembly room, attached truck room and club .room. Members of this building committee were Charles Fritz; George Carter, D. C. Boden, M. W. Laton and E. F. Snyder.

In 1966, the department purchased a new 1966 American LaFrance Pumper. In 1989 we purchased an GMC pumpe tanker from 4-Guys, Meyersdale.

In 1995 a Quick Response System was implemented. QRS is a way' fire departments can respond to emergencies until an ambulance is able to arrive. The firefighters can provide initial care until the ambulance arrives.

In 2001 , the department purchased a 1988 GMC Engine from 4- Guys. fn 2005 and 2006, the department ex panded the fire hall by adding a large truck bay and a social hall.

In 2007 the department purchase a Jeep for its QRS service, and in 2008 a quick/attack rescue truck.

In 2013 the department purchased a 1993 HME Engine to replace the 1988 GMC. This engine was purchased from nearby Meyersdale Fire Department. The following year the department acquired a backup generator to help serve the community as a storm shelter. That same year a new International pumper tanker was commissioned to be built by 4-Guys Fire Trucks..

About Garrett Volunteer Fire Department

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